Oduor E.N.O.

Supervisory Committee


I am a PhD student at Simon Fraser University under the supervision of Dr. Carman Neustaedter. Other members of my supervisory Committee are Dr. Tejinder Judge of Google Inc, and Dr. Kate Hennessey of SFU.


Research Idea


Remote parts of developing countries experience limited technology infrastructure that hinder use of video technology such as Skype. In rural Kenya, family members lack both the technology (computer/ latest phones), and Knowledge to use of internet . I am interested in designing a system that will support family connectedness among distributed members through the sharing of activities and communication using video.


Research Steps

  1. I have conducted studies on the communication practices for low income families in rural and urban Kenya.
  2. I am designing a video transmission system that can support asynchronous video.
  3. I will test the video system with families in rural parts of Kenya for my thesis Project


Education & Proff affiliations

Background & Interests

Recent Projects

TA courses @ SFU.

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