I am Oduor E.N.O PhD., the Founder of MAJIAPP - an online water delivery marketplace. MAJIAPP has partnered with Safaricom to ensure that our users receive the best experience in their journey to water efficiency. Today, MAJIAPP is accessible to 11 million Kenyans on the MPESA APP. I spend a lot of my time speaking with users in the water ecosystem to ensure that MAJIAPP + M-PESA APP eventually incorporates everyone in ensuring access to quality water.

No-Code AI Tools.

I am trained in human-computer interaction (HCI). I have published papers in designing technology for low-resource settings and Explainable AI. I worked at IBM Research for 8 years and was vice president (UX) at Research Strategy Group in Toronto, Canada for two years. I also developed an interest in No-Code AI tools and I am currently building a database of these tools that can help you boost traffic, leads and sales for your business. https://aitools.myinsightiq.com/.