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A list of products for which I have conducted UX Research, all of which enjoy global usage and recognition.

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Start the journey to create and guarantee a seamless UX for online businesses with our dedicated UX tool. Our comprehensive template spans diverse experiences, encompassing SaaS products, Wealth Management, Online search engines, and more. As an added benefit, students will have the unique opportunity to delve into the art of human-computer interaction research basics.

Explore our list of No Code AI Tools

No code AI is revolutionizing every field, from art to urban planning, marking the start of a transformative era. No matter your background, explore our list below to learn about tools that you could use to launch and monetize your online business. These tools not only leverage the power of AI but also make work easy, providing intuitive interfaces and functionalities that eliminate the need for complex coding.

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About Me.


Hello! I am Oduor ENO. I did my MSc at Chalmers University in Sweden and completed my Ph.D. at Simon Fraser University in Canada. I then joined IBM as a researcher for 7 years. I ended my corporate experience as VP (UX) at RSG in CA.
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I am also the Founder of the MajiApp. Our App ( just partnered with Safaricom (The largest telco in Kenya) to ensure our users receive the best experience in their journey to water efficiency. The free articles on this website will help you turn your ideas into income too.

when the WHY starts to grow the HOW gets simple.

challenges that excite you to work on.

solutions that solve the challenges you love.

Income by creating great user experiences for your users.

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