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I worked at IBM for 8 years. My work contributed to the success of IBM's Cloud, Data, and AI software, such as IBM Cloud Pak for Data as a Service, IBM Watson Assistant, and IBM Robotic Process Automation, which is part of a $6.1 billion business line. I was also the VP - of UX Research at Research Strategy Group in Toronto. where I conducted UX research in various areas, including banking, web search engines, and online gambling products.


I have always been interested in simplifying and documenting complex stories for people who are not tech-savvy. So I spent months preparing free step-by-step material for you to apply in your quest to start an online business and monetize it using No-Code AI tools. Over the past year, I have prepared use cases for you to explore and learn how other people are using these tools in their businesses. My goal is to provide you with a community where you can follow the latest trends in the growth of tools that I believe will help less tech-savvy people turn their ideas into income.


I am the founder of the MajiApp, an online drinking water delivery marketplace. The MajiApp, which is soon to be launched in Kenya under a partnership with Safaricom - will be accessible via the MPESA super App which is currently used by 11 million Kenyans. The list of No-Code AI tools that I have prepared enables you to explore how you can apply AI to launch and grow your online businesses. The information provided on this website is geared towards providing you with the opportunity to take charge of your journey and earn income using No-Code AI tools.

Students or researchers focussing on AI, ICTD, System Design, and HCI can drop me an email to discuss Research Publishing .

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